Trust & Safety Fundamentals

There are fundamental issues and areas in which all trust and safety teams engage. These chapters describe these various areas, discuss how companies generally approach these issues, and explore the considerations that many trust and safety professionals take into account. 

Creating and Enforcing Policy

Developing policies to prevent, address, and remediate abusive behavior on digital platforms is a core practice within the field of Trust and Safety. This chapter covers how policy are developed, and the different approaches companies take when developing policies. It describes the different types of abusive behavior that violate policies and the different methods companies use to enforce their policies. The chapter concludes with a review of regional differences and regulatory issues that companies often take into consideration when developing or modifying policies. Read more.

Transparency Reporting

A transparency report is a document released by an internet company that discloses key metrics and information about digital governance and enforcement measures on its platform(s). This chapter covers the history of transparency reports, the types of transparency reports companies may produce, and the challenges and opportunities for companies when developing transparency reports.

Forthcoming Chapters

Trust & Safety and Law Enforcement

Operations and Content Moderation

Regulation and Legal Considerations 

Data and Privacy

Public and External Partnerships 

Detection, Measurement, and Automation