What We Do

We support the global community of professionals who develop and enforce principles and policies that define acceptable behavior and content online.

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Training and knowledge sharing for professionals

  • We create spaces for people to meet their industry peers, share best practices, build communities of practice, and engage in professional networking
  • We coordinate online and in-person workshops and courses on timely trust and safety issues to support professionals in doing their best work
  • We provide members with resources and tools covering trust and safety topics

Support for trust and safety professionals

  • We’re building a suite of professional development services, including career advancement resources and a job board
  • We curate and produce resources and best practices for the management of trust and safety teams, including supporting employee well-being, improving hiring practices, and managing difficult situations

Improving society’s understanding of the field of online trust and safety through the Trust & Safety Foundation Project

  • We’re working to provide greater insights into the operational practices used in trust and safety, including content moderation, through educational programs and multidisciplinary research

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become a member, please get in touch here.

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