Become a Member

There are two ways to become a member of TSPA. One way is through corporate supporter membership, in which a company signs on to become a corporate supporter and their trust and safety employees all automatically become members of TSPA. Currently, TSPA membership is only through corporate supporter membership.

The other path to membership is through independent membership, in which an individual can apply to become a member and pay an annual due. There are three types of independent membership: (1) individual membership (for trust and safety professionals), (2) affiliate membership (for non-trust and safety professionals), and (3) student membership (for students).

In general, all membership types will have access to core membership benefits. However, affiliate and student membership may have limited access to certain types of events that are only for trust and safety professionals.

Membership Benefits

Access to educational content. Members of TSPA have access to various virtual and in-person events that help advance their professional development. Events take the form of lectures or expert talks, panel discussions, and closed roundtable discussions on sensitive or highly relevant issues. TSPA is also home to a growing library of resources about different trust and safety topics that members can access to advance their practice at their own pace, no matter where they are in their professional journey.

Contribute to the development of the trust and safety field. TSPA has many avenues for members to share their expertise. In addition to opportunities that highlight and elevate our members’ contributions to the trust and safety field, members have the chance to help shape the future development of the field by joining TSPA’s Working Groups, speaking at our events, and being culture carriers for the professional community

Community connection. As the first and only organization focused on the professional development of trust and safety practitioners, TSPA offers its members opportunities to connect and network with a community of peers who can relate to the universal challenges of the field, regardless of organization. Whether virtual or in-person, TSPA members learn best practices, share emerging trends, and build meaningful relationships with one another.

TSPA’s members range from frontline individual contributors, to directors, to the C-suite; with international participants from from San Francisco to Singapore; and who work in small startups, large multinational technology companies, or global business process outsourcing companies. TSPA offers opportunities and support for trust and safety professionals at all levels.

Corporate Supporter Benefits

Corporate supporter members receive additional benefits.

All trust and safety employees automatically become members. When companies sign on as a corporate supporter, all the professionals working on trust and safety issues at the company receive TSPA membership. We know that access to professional development and support benefits everyone, and our model ensures that everyone on the team, whether they’ve worked in trust and safety for 10 months or 10 years, benefits from TSPA’s resources and support.

Corporate supporter members get access to more. Members from corporate supporter companies will be specifically invited to join our working groups or exclusive events (that may be limited due to the sensitive or cutting-edge nature of the topic). Members from corporate supporter companies can ask us to organize event specific to their team’s needs, to host a facilitated discussion on an emerging or timely topic, to connect their team with other trust and safety professionals grappling with similar issues, or for specific referrals or advice.

Investment in the trust and safety field. As a corporate supporter, you’re not only offering a benefit for your trust and safety team: you’re also committing to a long-term investment in the trust and safety ecosystem and paying it forward for the trust and safety community. Through our programming and projects, we focus on career development, employee wellness and well-being, and continuing education and learning — ensuring that your current employees benefit today, and that you have a diverse and professional pool of talent to choose from when you are ready to hire more trust and safety professionals.

Recognition and other benefits. Other corporate supporter benefits can be found here.


Who can be a member?

TSPA membership is open to trust and safety professionals. Generally, if your work involves developing and enforcing principles and policies that define acceptable behavior and content online at or for a platform, product, or a technology company, you can be a member. We also have affiliate membership for those whose work is intersects trust and safety and student membership for students interested in learning more about trust and safety. Learn more about various membership types here.

How can my company become a corporate supporter?

Send us a membership inquiry with your work email account. We will send you information materials for you to discuss with your team. Afterwards, we will schedule a call with your team to learn more about what you do and answer any questions you have.

How much does membership cost?

Corporate supporter membership fees are based on the company’s market cap or valuation and the number of trust and safety employees.

Individual membership fees are described here. We offer discounts if you are a student or live in a middle or low-income country, as determined by the World Bank.

We want membership to be accessible to anyone who does trust and safety. Because of that, we do have scholarships available. Reach out to us if you have questions about scholarships.

I am interested in the trust and safety field, but I do not currently work in trust and safety. Can I be a member?

You could qualify for affiliate membership. Read more about our membership types here.

I can’t be a member now, but I want to be involved. What can I do?

Check out our Get Involved page. Sign up for our newsletter and join our events that are open to non-members.