Become a Member

Currently, TSPA membership is through corporate supporters. Trust and safety employees of corporate supporters automatically become members of TSPA. Individual membership will be available soon.

Membership Benefits

Access to educational content. Members of TSPA have access to various virtual and in-person events that help advance the education and professional development. Events can take the form of lectures or expert talks or be closed round table discussions on sensitive or highly relevant issues. 

Contribute to the development of the trust and safety field. TSPA has many activities for members to share their expert knowledge. In addition to opportunities that highlight and elevate our members’ significant expertise within the field, joining TSPA Working Groups or speaking at our events offers members the chance to help shape the development of the trust and safety field. 

Networking opportunities. Another core benefit is peer support and networking. Whether virtual or in-person, TSPA offers many opportunities for members to connect with each other to learn, share, and connect. TSPA’s members are diverse, ranging from front-line individual contributors to managers; with global participants from from San Francisco to Singapore; and who work in small startups, large multinational technology companies, or global business processing outsourcing companies. TSPA offers opportunities and support for trust and safety professionals of all levels.

Corporate Supporter Benefits

Corporate supporter members receive additional benefits — for both your trust and safety employees and your company.

All trust and safety employees automatically become members. By becoming a corporate supporter, all of your trust and safety employees become a member. We believe that access to professional development and support benefits everyone, and our model ensures that everyone on your team can participate, whether they’re a frontline individual contributor or manager or whether they’ve worked in trust and safety for 10 months or 10 years. 

Corporate supporter members get access to more. As a corporate supporter, your trust and safety teams have guaranteed access to our working groups and exclusive events (that may be limited due to the sensitive or cutting-edge nature of the topic). A corporate supporter member can also ask more of us, including organizing an event specific to your team’s needs, requesting a facilitated discussion on an emerging or timely topic, connecting your team with experts, or asking us for specific referrals or advice. 

Investment in the trust and safety field. As a corporate supporter, you’re not only offering a benefit for your trust and safety team, but signaling your investment in the trust and safety field. Through our programming and projects, we focus on career development, employee wellness and well-being, and continuing education and learning — ensuring that not only your employees benefit but that when you are ready to hire more trust and safety professionals, you have a diverse and professional pool to choose from. 

Recognition and other benefits. Other corporate supporter benefits can be found here.


Who can be a member?

TSPA membership is open to trust and safety professionals. Generally, if your work involves developing and enforcing principles and policies that define acceptable behavior and content online, you can be a member. Because membership is currently limited to corporate supporters, most of our members are currently individuals who work for companies whose platforms, services, or products have an impact on online content or behavior.

How can my company become a corporate supporter?

Send us a membership inquiry with your work email account. We will send you materials for you to discuss with your team. Afterwards, we will schedule a call with your team to learn more about what you do and answer any questions you have.

How much does membership cost?

Corporate supporter membership fees are based on the company’s market cap or valuation and the number of trust and safety employees.

Individual membership fees will be available when we roll out individual membership.

I am interested in the trust and safety field, but I do not currently work in trust and safety. Can I be a member?

Currently, membership is for professionals who currently work in trust and safety. When we roll out individual membership, look through our membership criteria to see if you qualify.

I can’t be a member now, but I want to be involved. What can I do?

Check out our Get Involved page. Sign up for our newsletter and join our events that are open to non-members.