Independent Membership

There are three types of independent membership: individual, student, and affiliate (learn more about the different types, and for which one you should apply.)

How to Apply

All prospective members must fill out an application to join (including corporate supporter members). TSPA manually reviews each application to ensure that the prospective member qualifies and is in the right membership category. Once your application has been approved, our Membership Manager will send you instructions on how to complete your application, which includes payment and filing out your membership profile. This step must be completed before anyone can become a member of TSPA. 

Membership Dues

We believe all trust and safety professionals should have the support of a community, so we’ve structured membership dues to ensure cost is not a barrier. Because trust and safety professionals work all over the world, individual, affiliate, and student membership dues are based on the member’s country of residence. Dues are discounted based on the World Bank’s country classification by income level, which is based on a country’s GNI per capita. (Click on the link in the table to determine which countries are considered high, middle, or low income.) Student membership dues are discounted, with further country income level discounts applied. 

Corporate members do not pay a membership due, as those dues are part of the corporate support. However they still must apply for membership for TSPA to verify employment. 

High-income countries$250 USD$250 USD$100 USD
Middle-income countriesLow-income countries$100 USD$100 USD$45 USD


At TSPA, we believe membership should be accessible to any qualifying professional regardless of their ability to pay. If you cannot afford membership dues, please fill out a scholarship application. Please note that scholarship applications are processed on a rolling basis and are dependent on current funding availability.