Independent Membership

Membership Types

There are four types of membership based on what you do or where you work. Because TSPA is a professional association for trust and safety professionals, core members are individuals who are currently or formerly trust and safety professionals. However, we recognize that the trust and safety field is made up of individuals beyond trust and safety professionals and practitioners, and we have affiliate and student membership types to accommodate those individuals.

Corporate supporter membership

Corporate supporter membership are individuals who work for companies that are corporate supporters of TSPA. All trust and safety employees of corporate supporters are automatically members of TSPA. Corporate members do not need to pay membership dues, but they should apply to become a member in order to set up their profile. Please note that we will verify employment of all corporate supporter membership applications. 

Individual membership

Individual membership is available to current and former trust and safety professionals. TSPA defines trust and safety professionals as individuals who develop and enforce principles and policies that define acceptable behavior and content online and on platforms. This includes those who work as content moderators or on policy development, as well as those who tackle financial risk and fraud, those who process law enforcement requests, engineers who work on automating product policies, and more. 

Affiliate membership

Affiliate membership is appropriate for those who do not do direct trust and safety work. This includes but isn’t limited to academics or civil society researchers whose work parallels or intersects with trust and safety and other professionals in the technology / internet space. Their work is not about trust and safety specifically but is part of the larger trust and safety ecosystem.

Student membership

Student membership is for students who are currently enrolled in an academic program and are interested in the trust and safety field. 

Membership Dues

Corporate supporter member dues

Corporate members do not pay a membership due, as those dues are part of the corporate support. TSPA will verify employment with corporate supporter companies. 

Individual, affiliate & student member dues

We believe all trust and safety professionals should have the support of a community, so we’ve structured membership dues to ensure cost is not a barrier. Because trust and safety professionals work all over the world, individual, affiliate, and student membership dues are based on your country of residence. Dues are discounted based on the World Bank’s country classification by income level, which is based on a country’s GNI per capita. (Click on the link in the table to determine which countries are considered high, middle, or low income.) Student membership dues are discounted, with further country income level discounts applied. 

High-income countries$250 USD$250 USD$100 USD
Middle-income countries
Low-income countries
$100 USD$100 USD$45 USD


At TSPA, we believe membership should be accessible to any qualifying professional regardless of their ability to pay. If you cannot afford membership dues, please contact us at so we can give you information about our scholarship program.