The Trust and Safety Curriculum is written by members of the TSPA’s Curriculum Development Working Group, who are trust and safety professionals. Through this curriculum, the authors and contributors are designing, developing, and democratizing the trust and safety body of knowledge by sharing their knowledge. Thank you for sharing your expertise with the trust and safety field. Listed below are the authors of the curriculum.

Key Functions & Roles

AuthorHarsha Bhatlapenumarthy
ContributorsEric Davis, Daphne Keller
Special ThanksKaofeng Lee, Charlotte Willner

Industry Overview

AuthorsJan Eissfeldt, Jeff Lazarus, Pia Shah
Special ThanksEric Davis, Eric Goldman, Kaofeng Lee, Amanda Menking, Cathryn Weems

Creating and Enforcing Policy

Authors│v1. James Gresham, Jan Eissfeldt, Dave Willner, Shannon Berri; v2. Jeff Lazarus, Harsha Bhatlapenumarthy
ContributorsCharlotte Willner, Kaitlin Sullivan
Special ThanksAdelin Cai, Amanda Menking, Kaofeng Lee, Cathryn Weems, Pia Shah

Content Moderation and Operations

AuthorsHarsha Bhatlapenumarthy, James Gresham
Contributors│Nivedita Mishra, Amanda Menking, Elissa Emory, Jan Eissfeldt
Special ThanksSarah Banks, Kate Gotimer, Colleen Reding Mearn, Mackenzie Tudor, Charlotte Willner, Martin Le Bars

Transparency Reporting

AuthorsKate Jung, Jan Eissfeldt
ContributorsDaphne Keller, Charlotte Willner, Dave Willner
Special ThanksHarsha Bhatlapenumarthy, Kaofeng Lee, Megan McClellan, Nancy Stone

Automated Systems and Artificial Intelligence

AuthorsMaggie Engler, Jeff Lazarus, James Gresham
ContributorsAmanda Menking
Special ThanksJorge Garcia Rey and Amy Zhang

Trust & Safety and Law Enforcement

AuthorsKaren Brown, James Gresham, Christine Kalaveshi, Holly Lawrence, Brian Murphy, Evelyn Tzeng
ContributorsWesley Rich
Special ThanksMichelle Solis and Rolando Vega

How Trust & Safety Teams Use Data

AuthorsJames Gresham, Xieyining “Irene” Huang, Melanie Ensign
ContributorsHarsha Bhatlapenumarthy
Special ThanksMassimo Belloni, Max Aliapoulios

AuthorsMaia Levy Daniel, Rhett King, Jan Eissfeldt
Contributors│Jess Miers, Wesley Rich
Special Thanks│Brian Fishman, Catherine Silva, Karen Maxim, Amanda Menking, Harsha Bhatlapenumarthy