Trust & Safety Coffee Hours

Trust & Safety Coffee Hours are one-on-one conversations designed to provide mentorship to current and aspiring trust and safety professionals. Hosts are volunteering their time and expertise to offer advice to job seekers and T&S professionals.

Hosts are not conducting formal interviews, offering referrals, providing product feedback, participating in interviews and/or user research, and/or acting on behalf of their employers or TSPA. If you schedule time and you’re not a current or aspiring T&S professional, a host reserves the right to cancel the appointment without notice.

Here’s how it works:

  • Review the profiles below, choose a host, and sign-up for a 20-minute chat using the host’s “Schedule a chat” link. Please note: hosts are listed in alphabetical order by first (or given) name, so make sure you look through all of the pages.
  • Some hosts are supporting only TSPA members at this time, and this is noted in their profile. If you’re a TSPA member, you’ll find these hosts and their “Schedule a chat” links on the TSPA Member Portal.
  • Be respectful of our hosts and their time. Remember the TSPA Code of Conduct applies to all resources, spaces, and programming–even if you’re not a TSPA member.
  • Because these one-on-one conversations are only 20-30 minutes, come prepared with questions and have a specific goal in mind. If you’re just getting started in T&S and want to learn more, we recommend reviewing Careers in T&S and the T&S Curriculum before scheduling time with a host.

If you’re a TSPA member looking for a way to help other folks on their journey in T&S, sign up to be a T&S Coffee Hours host!

Vincent Courson

Vincent Courson

T&S Partnerships Manager, Google

Vincent started in the T&S world as an anti-abuse analyst for Google’s Organic Search product, learning the ropes of policies, tools, trainings, enforcement and other elements of traditional T&S workflows. He then spent some years doing external communication of the abuse guidelines and Best Practices for website owners, which allowed him to hone public-speaking, program management, and User Feedback skills. Since 2020, Vincent has been focusing on T&S Partnerships, working with Ecosystem representatives (private companies, NGOs, LEAs, and more) to protect users across the whole tech landscape.


Talk to Vincent if you’re:

  • Early career
  • Transitioning from NGO to T&S
  • Transitioning from government to T&S
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Yu-Lan Scholliers

Yu-Lan Scholliers

Head of Product, Checkstep

Yu-Lan is currently Head of Product at Checkstep – a B2B SaaS startup focusing on building AI/Content Moderation tooling to help platforms with harmful content. Previously, she was in Product Data Science at Meta for five years, across different harm types (for measurement) but also specifically focusing on: Dangerous Organisations, Suicide & Self-Injury, Non-consensual Intimate Imagery, working with some amazing people across tech, policy and operations, focus on harm-specific insights but also transparency reporting, data privacy and compliance. She’s so grateful to be part of T&S, making the world a bit safer every day and she’s keen to meet this community, learn from you, and share what knowledge she has!


Talk to Yu-Lan if you’re:

  • Early career
  • New to T&S
  • Recently laid off
  • Doing T&S at a start-ups
  • Managing a T&S team
  • Interested in Data Science related topics and/or Compliance (i.e., DSA, OSB)
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