Introducing the Trust and Safety Curriculum

photo of a hand taking notes with a mug nearby

Today, we are proud to publish the first two chapters of TSPA’s Trust and Safety Curriculum: Creating and Enforcing Policy, and Transparency Reporting. This curriculum is written by TSPA’s Curriculum Working Group, and we are excited to share what they have produced.

Online trust and safety is still a relatively new profession, and people who decide to pursue a path in this field often find that there are not many guideposts along the way. And yet, trust and safety professionals are responsible for grappling with incredibly complex issues that affect billions of people around the world. TSPA’s mission is to support our peers in developing the expertise and skills they need to successfully navigate this incredibly high-stakes environment. This curriculum is a key piece of that support. 

Trust and safety professionals hone their practice through experience, and we are grateful to the Curriculum Working Group members for sharing their knowledge and expertise with others in the field to help them along the way. In the past, that hard-won knowledge was shared through one-on-one mentoring or coffee-meet-ups and difficult to share widely. This curriculum is a new opportunity for professionals in our field to help light the way for others, spark the exchange of new ideas, and give the public a tangible sense of what our work truly looks like. 

Work on the curriculum is ongoing, and we will be releasing additional chapters in the near future. You can see a list of the chapters we already have planned here. If you’d like to get involved in writing the curriculum, apply here. We strongly believe that the work of trust and safety should not be done in a vacuum. As we develop this curriculum, we welcome input from everyone as this work impacts the broader public and should take into account diverse perspectives. We welcome your feedback; you can get in touch here.