H1 2022 Lookback

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Seth Godin recently wrote about creating work online: “The body of work you’re creating adds up over time. The consistency and empathy of your vision will seep through. Drip by drip, you’ll create something worth noticing.” 

As we close out and reflect on the first half of 2022, we’re both humbled and proud to have created something (with your help and support!) that is getting noticed.

Since January, TSPA has welcomed teams from AWS, Clubhouse, Forage, Handshake, OfferUp, OpenAI, Radix, Snap, TaskUs, Thumbtack, Twitch, Webhelp, Zefr, and Zepeto. We’ve published two new curriculum chapters (Industry Overview and Automated Systems and AI), largely due to the tireless and unpaid labor of our Curriculum Working Group. We’ve launched three new Working Groups too: the Compensation Survey Working Group, the Vendor Directory Working Group, and the TrustCon Working Group

We’ve also hosted 14 virtual events and five in-person meet-ups! (To put this number in context, consider that we hosted 16 events total in 2021.) Our virtual events have included a series of events about careers in T&S, educational webinars, member presentations, one community of practice roundtable, and even a virtual happy hour for our advisors. Our meet-ups have spanned the globe: San Francisco, Dublin, London, Singapore, and New York City. 

We’ve introduced independent membership, created a scholarship program, launched a new monthly newsletter for TSPA representatives who work at corporate supporter companies, conducted focus groups with members of our community to get feedback about TSPA creating an apprenticeship program for T&S professionals interested in consulting, and set up a Slack workspace that now has over 1,000 members.

In all of this, our vision remains the same: we all work better when we work together. We are so grateful to be the gathering place for this incredible community of professionals, and we can’t wait to see what we will create together with you in the second half of this year!