TSPA Working Groups

Meet Our Working Groups

TSPA working groups are composed of trust and safety professionals from different companies and with different levels of experience, all with a passion to share what they know. They collaborate to develop focused programs and services on behalf of TSPA. Only TSPA members can join the working groups. We currently have four working groups. Click on a working group to learn more. If you’d like to submit a proposal for a TSPA working group in 2023, you can learn more and do so here.

T&S Curriculum Working Group

TSPA Conference Working Group

T&S Vendor Directory Working Group

T&S Compensation Survey Working Group

Trust & Safety Curriculum Working Group

The Curriculum Working Group is responsible for drafting the TSPA Trust & Safety Curriculum. This is an ongoing working group, and members will be added on a rolling basis, depending on the needs of the working group and the chapters they are currently drafting.

The curriculum is written by practitioners, for practitioners. Participating in this working group gives TSPA members the opportunity to take their trust and safety experience and knowledge and add to the trust and safety body of knowledge. TSPA supports the development of the curriculum as editor and publisher. 

Qualifications & Responsibilities

Working group members will be invited to author or contribute to specific chapters of the curriculum. They will need to show that they have knowledge or expertise of the chapter topic they will be writing. Each chapter can have 2-4 authors depending on the length and complexity of the chapter, and how many people who are interested in writing the chapter. Working group members can work on more than one chapter — as an author or a contributor. Authors of a chapter must write at least one section of a chapter; contributors provide feedback and other support (such as editing). A contributor role is best when a member has interest but minimal experience or time to support as an author. 

The process of writing a curriculum chapter is highly collaborative, so members must be comfortable writing with others and accept feedback from various people, including TSPA, external subject matter experts, and of course, their fellow working group members.

Time Commitment

Members need to commit to the length of the chapter writing process. Depending on the chapter, members should plan to commit 6 months to a year for the full cycle of writing a chapter, which includes outlining the chapter, writing the chapter, editing the chapter, incorporating edits and feedback, and publishing the chapter. At most, this will be 30 minutes each week (and up to 60 minutes each week, on average, during the drafting and editing period). 

Current Members

Group Leader
Harsha Bhatlapenumarthy

Current Members
Karen Brown, Sheyenne Brown, Eric Davis, Elif Dibek, Christine Kalaveshi, Holly Lawrence, Jeff Lazarus, Jess Miers, Brian Murphy, Salim Parak, Wesley Rich, Evelyn Tsing

TSPA Conference Working Group

The Conference Working Group is responsible for helping TSPA develop and execute its annual conference. TSPA’s Annual Conference is the first of its kind, specifically geared toward trust and safety professionals. The conference will be a hybrid in-person, 2-day event and a parallel virtual 2-day component. Working group members will be engaged in all aspects of the conference, from program development to attendee engagement and activities. 

Being part of the conference working group offers members professional development, networking with the trust and safety professionals and stakeholders, and an opportunity to shape this unique global event. Because event planning draws on a wide range of skills, experience, and interest, there’s a role for everyone. 

Responsibilities & Qualifications

Working group members can join the following 3 committees:

The programming committee will be responsible for developing the conference agenda — for both the in-person and virtual conference. This committee will identify sessions, source and invite speakers, and ensure that the program represents the diverse trust and safety landscape. There will be various subcommittees under this committee, including: 

  • In-person programming subcommittee
  • Virtual programming subcommittee
  • Careers track subcommittee
  • T&S research track subcommittee
  • Other subcommittee as identified by the planning committee

The engagement committee will be responsible for ensuring that attendees are engaged and feel a part of the event. This committee will ensure that the conference is promoted and marketed globally, develop networking opportunities for the in-person and virtual conference, and identify activities that will help attendees feel engaged. 

The planning committee will work closely with TSPA to plan the conference. Tasks will include (for both the in-person and virtual conference) overseeing logistics, managing volunteers, liaising with stakeholders and vendors, managing exhibitors, etc. 

Having experience in conference/event planning and development will be helpful but not required. Depending on the subcommittee a member joins, having experience or an extended network (example: knowing potential speakers for the planning committee) will also be helpful.

Time Commitment

Members should expect to be part of the committee until November 2022. Weekly hourly commitments will vary and depend on the cadence of the planning process, but members should anticipate spending between 30-60 minutes every other week at the beginning, and 30-60 minutes every week when it’s closer to the conference on meetings and activities. 

Current Members

Fatima Alam, Dona Bellow, Tim Bernard, Sheyenne Brown, Eric Davis, Michelle Feuer, Emilar Ghandi, Patrick Grady, Sarah Husain, Niya Krishna, Holly Lawrence, Fadzai Madzingira, Jess Miers, Dominique Moore, Sreeya Mukherjee, Stephen Odundo, Eleanor Paz, Shelby Perkins, Ilana Rosenzweig, Kana S., RayAna Stanek, Lindsay Stern, Dali Szostak, Zuleyha Smith

Trust & Safety Vendor Directory Working Group

Due to interest from members as well as from vendors, TSPA is compiling a trust and safety vendor directory featuring information about the kinds of services each vendor provides. This directory will help trust and safety professionals identify the vendors that exist and give vendors an opportunity to be recognized as a potential service provider. Inclusion in this directory is NOT an indication of endorsement or recommendation by TSPA. 

Being a part of this working group gives you an opportunity to develop a resource that will be beneficial to the trust and safety field. If you have an interest or knowledge in trust and safety vendors, this might be a good chance to share your expertise. (Please note that we are just compiling trust and safety vendors companies and are not rating nor commenting on their services.)

Qualifications & Responsibilities

Working group members will be responsible for determining the format of the directory, the directory inclusion criteria, the process for how a company can join the directory, and come up with a list of vendors for the initial publication. 

Working group members should have some experience selecting or managing vendors, or knowledge of the trust and safety vendor landscape. 

Time Commitment

Members should plan to committee 6-9 months on this project, and expect to devote an average of 30 minutes every other week. 

Current Members

Sonia Callan, Shanying Chng, Chloe Delhoum, Zain Jarrar, Karolina Kumiega, Farah Lalani, Elizabeth Park, Cian O’Regan, Sydney Provost, Pavan Kumar Ramadurgam

Trust & Safety Compensation Survey Working Group

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the trust and safety professional landscape, TSPA would like to do a global compensation survey of trust and safety roles. This information will be helpful for trust and safety professionals to know how much their professional expertise is worth, provide them with context in salary negotiations and career decisions. This information will be also helpful for companies in structuring compensation packages to obtain and retain qualified talent and stay competitive. 

Being a part of this working group gives you an opportunity to work on a project that will help advance the field of trust and safety. 

Qualifications & Responsibilities

Working group members will be responsible for developing the compensation survey, analyzing the survey data, and reporting the results in a paper. Members may need to work with a professional research or data analyst. Members must have some of the following experiences: knowledge of trust and safety compensation (either as a hiring manager or someone who is in a position to know how much trust and safety positions are paid); research or data analysis experience; ability to report on survey results and research. Members of this working group will also be required to adhere to strict confidentiality obligations. 

Time Commitment

Depending on the scope of this project, members should plan on committing a minimum of 1  year. Hours will vary, depending on the stage of the research project. In general, expect to commit up to an hour every two weeks to work on this project. 

Current Members

Liana Acosta, Stacey Colliver, Kendra Frost, Reina Iguchi, Casey Ladisa, Ece Ozkan, Kenna Falk Seagrist