Volunteer Code of Conduct Addendum

Thank you for volunteering with TSPA! Our community relies on the support of committed and engaged volunteers like you. We’re so grateful for your willingness to serve!

When you volunteer with TSPA, you represent our organization and our member community. That means that TSPA requires all volunteers to adhere to the TSPA Code of Conduct, as well as an additional set of expectations governing volunteer conduct noted below. Please review the Code of Conduct to familiarize yourself with TSPA’s expectations, then review these additional expectations carefully:


Through its events and activities, TSPA aims to create an environment that is welcoming, diverse and inclusive, supportive, and which fosters knowledge sharing. You can help create this environment by modeling authentic and respectful interactions. When you’re volunteering with TSPA, please make every effort to listen to understand, speak to offer meaning, and promote discussions that are productive and constructive.


In the course of your volunteer duties, you  may become party to non-public information. You should keep confidential information that is noted, whether explicitly or implicitly, as confidential or information that is limited to TSPA but shared with you in order to complete your volunteer tasks. Please refer to the Code of Conduct’s section on “A Respectful Community | Privacy and Confidentiality” and the section on “Compliance with Laws and Ethics” for further guidance. 

Code of Conduct Violations

If you see or are told of any Code of Conduct violations, report the violations or suspected violations to the TSPA team at team@tspa.org, or to the Executive Director, Charlotte Willner, at charlotte@tspa.org. You may need to assist and cooperate with TSPA investigations of the violations.

Volunteering with TSPA

TSPA may remove you as a volunteer for any reason. You are a volunteer, not an employee of TSPA, and you will not receive wages, salary, or employee benefits for your time and services. You agree to indemnify and hold TSPA harmless against any damages related to your activity as a volunteer. Additionally, TSPA shall hold you harmless against any damages related to your activity as a volunteer.

This addendum to the Code of Conduct was updated as of November 10, 2022. If you have questions about any of our volunteer guidelines, including the Code of Conduct, please contact the TSPA team at team@tspa.org.