Hosting an Event with TSPA

As a global membership, TSPA is committed to developing and supporting localized events. Recognizing that in-person gatherings can be more conducive to networking and community building, TSPA may partner with members or external organizations to ensure that TSPA programming is accessible to its members, wherever they are. 

Host an Event for TSPA

Corporate supporter members, volunteers, TSPA advisors, or TSPA board members can host an event on behalf of TSPA. (Currently, independent members may not request to host a TSPA event.) Interested hosts can determine the scope, purpose, and audience for the event; they will need to submit their proposal (see below) to TSPA for approval. Successful events will be similar to the types of event that TSPA currently hosts, such as meet and greets, topical panels, roundtable discussions, etc. Events can be in-person, virtual, or hybrid (i.e., a local viewing of a virtual roundtable). 

The responsibilities of hosting a TSPA event varies, and can range from organizing the entire event to greeting guests and managing on-site logistics. In most cases, TSPA staff will not be in attendance. Depending on the capacity of the host, TSPA can support in tasks ranging from planning logistics, venue sourcing, funding, or promotion/marketing of the event. 

Hosts will be required to share with TSPA how the event went, including pictures or notes or summaries from the event, what members of the community found useful at the event, and the host’s experience in order to inform future events. 

Co-Host an Event with TSPA

TSPA can support an event by being a co-host. We will prioritize events hosted by partner organizations or TSPA corporate supporter company. The event must be related to trust and safety. A co-hosted event must list TSPA (along with the other organizations, if any) as a co-host of the event in marketing and promotional materials. Depending on the need, TSPA’s support may include planning logistics, funding, and promotion/marketing of the event. 

Please note that TSPA will not host, co-host, nor sponsor any event that promotes products and services or business development, customer/client events, fundraising events for products or services, or marketing/advertising events. The event must have a trust and safety practice/professional focus. 

Other Event Partnership Opportunities

TSPA Event Sponsorships or Exhibits

TSPA’s events will sometimes offer sponsorships or exhibit opportunities for its main conferences, TrustCon and regional summits. Sponsorships and exhibit packages are developed specifically for each event, with staggered partnership levels and benefits. For more information about sponsorships or exhibits, please contact TSPA

TSPA Sponsoring Your Event

Organizations can ask TSPA to support or sponsor their events, which can include asking TSPA to lend its name, have a staff member or trust and safety practitioner to speak at the event, or provide promotional and marketing of the event. In general, TSPA will support non-TSPA events if the purpose of the event is beneficial to its membership. (TSPA does not currently provide financial sponsorships.) For more information on how TSPA can support your own event, please contact TSPA

Host or Co-Host Event with TSPA Request Form

TSPA Event Co-Hosting Request