Evolving Trust and Safety Careers in Asia

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  • November 19, 2021 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (+08)



Evolving Trust and Safety Careers in Asia

Hosted by TSPA

Online abuse knows no borders, and is a global challenge. Over the past decade, the trust and safety industry in the Asia-Pacific region has grown rapidly to provide organizations with relevant regional insight, timely operational response, and targeted expertise. From regional start-ups to large multinational corporations, keeping up with combating global abuse requires growing, building, and supporting international teams of trust and safety practitioners.

Join us at TSPA’s first Asia-Pacific event. Ilana Rosenzweig (Head of T&S, APAC, Twitter) will be leading a conversation with Jiahui Ang (T&S Program Manager, TikTok), Kate Blashki (Content Policy, Meta), Sheen Handoo (Safety Policy, Twitter) and Zhen Xiong Lim (Community Policy Lead, Airbnb) about their trust and safety careers in Singapore and the future of trust and safety in the Asia-Pacific region.

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