Careers in T&S AMA – February 2023

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  • February 14, 2023 11:00 am – 12:00 pm (PDT)



Hosted by TSPA

Join us for our special Valentine’s Day edition of the “Ask Me Anything” session about working in trust and safety. The T&S field is hot, and companies are hiring! But how do you know if you have the right experience or qualifications? What’s it like working in trust and safety, and actually—what does “trust and safety” even mean? This virtual event is open to everyone and features TSPA advisor Jerrel Petersen and TSPA community members Michelle Toborowski and Harsha Bhatlapenumarthy who will answer questions based on their years of experience as T&S professionals. Registration is required.

Jerrel Peterson has spent his career leveraging research and strategic partnerships to address complex social and political issues. He is currently a Director on the Trust & Safety team at Spotify and previously served as the Head of Safety Policy for Twitter. He worked cross-functionally to resolve dozens of high-profile cases weekly, drive the development of policies, processes, and tools, and communicate Twitter’s content policies clearly and objectively to internal and external stakeholders. Prior to Twitter, Jerrel worked in public policy at the state and federal level and also spent a few years providing direct services to various marginalized communities within the U.S.

Michelle Toborowski started her career with over a decade as an analyst in the U.S. government, doing geopolitical analysis and profiling global political leaders. She brought her dedication to serving the public to Trust and Safety by joining the YouTube Intelligence Desk in 2019, covering geopolitical cross-platform risks and online harms particularly in the harmful & dangerous and graphic violence topics. She currently works on Roblox’s Moderation Intelligence Team, which is focused on finding and removing dedicated malicious actors from the platform. She is passionate about building strong and communicative teams, developing rigorous analytic processes in T&S intelligence teams, and mentoring newer T&S professionals.

Harsha spent the majority of her career working in trust and safety in India, Ireland, and now in the US. She is currently working on the Governance team at Meta, leading programs focusing on the growth and efficiency of the Oversight Board. As a volunteer at TSPA, she is also leading the roadmap to develop and democratize the trust and safety curriculum. In the last ten years, she led multiple programs to operationalize policies and scale enforcement, developed strategies and influenced product and policy direction to ensure user safety and combat online harms such as adult sexual exploitation, fraud, scams, and misinformation.

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