Corporate Supporter Membership

Corporate supporter membership is available for companies with employees who do trust and safety work – individuals whose day-to-day work directly involves developing or enforcing principles, policies, or practices that determine acceptable content or behavior. Not all companies may qualify for corporate supporter membership. Please read the section below on what types of companies do not qualify for corporate supporter membership. 


In general, all members, regardless of whether they come in as a corporate supporter member or independent membership, will have access to core TSPA programming and activities. There may be some events that are limited to only trust and safety professionals (which will not include Student and Affiliate members). However, corporate supporter membership comes with a few more benefits.

All your trust and safety employees become members of TSPA

With corporate supporter membership, all of the trust and safety employees at your company automatically become members of TSPA. Whether they are a manager or an individual contributor, whether they’ve worked in trust and safety for 10 months or 10 years, all your T&S employees benefit from TSPA’s resources and support. 

TSPA does not require companies to have a minimum number of trust and safety employees to join as a corporate supporter; however, only trust and safety employees can become members under the corporate supporter membership type. 

Show your investment in the field of trust & safety

As a corporate supporter, you’re not only offering a benefit for your trust and safety team, you’re also committing to a long-term investment of the trust and safety ecosystem and paying it forward for the trust and safety community. Our programming and projects ensure that your current employees benefit today, and that you have a diverse and professional pool of talent to choose from when you are ready to hire more trust and safety professionals.

 TSPA recognizes our corporate supporters in a variety of ways: 

  • TSPA’s supporter webpage
  • TSPA specifically flags corporate supporter T&S jobs on our job board
  • TSPA recognizes its corporate supporter at various events, including TrustCon

Corporate supporter members get more perks

As a corporate supporter, TSPA gives your employees more access and perks. Some of these perks include:

  • Discounted or free tickets to TSPA events (such as TrustCon)
  • Request that TSPA host an event on a particular topic
  • The ability to host or co-host a TSPA event
  • Offer a member presentation (on a T&S project or issue) to TSPA’s membership
  • Invitation to join closed, roundtable discussions
  • Invitation to speak at TSPA events or events in which TSPA is asked to recommend speakers
  • Regular check-ins with TSPA on your T&S priorities and concerns
  • Referrals to experts or consultants, depending on the topic and need

How much does it cost?

Corporate supporter membership fees are based on a sliding scale, based on the company’s market cap or valuation and the number of trust and safety employees. We work with each company individually to determine the appropriate corporate membership fee that works for their company’s budget and size.

Who cannot join as a corporate supporter?

Because the purpose of TSPA is to connect the global community of trust and safety professionals and work with them to build a community of practice, we accept only technology companies that have employees whose day-to-day work directly involves developing or enforcing principles, policies, or practices that determine acceptable content or behavior. This does not include companies whose main products are software or tools that support the work of trust and safety (for example, data analysis, software products, AI-powered identification models), or do not have trust and safety employees who meet the above definition. In some circumstances, some of their employees may qualify for independent membership

Signed agreements by TSPA and founding corporate supporters supersede this page describing “Corporate Supporter Benefits”