TrustCon 2023 Commences

TSPA Announces TrustCon, Premier Global Conference for T&S Professionals

San Francisco, CA, July 10, 2023 – The Trust & Safety Professional Association (TSPA) is excited to announce the second TrustCon, the premiere global conference for trust and safety professionals, which will be held on July 11-13. This sold-out event will bring together 870 attendees from around the world, where they will explore the latest challenges in online safety, examine lessons learned, build meaningful connections, and learn alongside their peers with the brightest thought leaders in the field. 

“Trust and safety professionals are essential to a healthy internet,” said Charlotte Willner, TSPA Executive Director. “Most trust and professionals work behind the scenes, but they take center stage at TrustCon to share their experiences and learn from each other. Trust and collaboration between professionals result in safer platforms, a safer Internet, and ultimately, safer communities. We’re proud to provide a space for this community to build those relationships.”

The demand for this gathering is apparent, with TrustCon selling out for the second year in a row. This week, attendees from 33 countries representing 300 organizations will be gathering at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco. TrustCon is the only conference of its kind, built from TSPA’s vision to create and foster a global community of practice among trust and safety professionals. 

TrustCon’s opening keynote will be delivered by Sam Gregory of WITNESS, who will be speaking with the TrustCon audience about the rise of generative AI and the importance of collaboration between local communities, civil society, and trust & safety professionals to meet this emerging challenge. “As online risks continue to evolve, a holistic approach to new insights, collaborations, and solutions will be vital to driving safer digital interactions,” said Akash Pugalia, Global President of Trust & Safety from Teleperformance, Visionary Sponsor of TrustCon. “No one company or individual can accomplish this alone. Teleperformance is proud to support TrustCon and trust and safety practitioners to do the vital work of protecting users, advertisers, creators, and brands. Together, we play an integral part in keeping the internet safe.”

TrustCon welcomes participants from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels; this year’s speakers range from former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to dozens of professionals presenting for the very first time. Attendees can choose from 150 sessions, with 260 speakers from industry, civil society, and academia, who will discuss timely topics and critical issues relating to the principles and practice of online trust and safety, equipping attendees to approach their work in new and innovative ways. “In today’s fast-paced, digital-first world, companies need agile and responsible platforms that can adapt quickly to balance both enterprise and consumer needs and evolving trends – the explosion of generative AI is just the latest issue to underscore critical trust and safety concerns,” said Eric Han, Trust and Safety Global Service Line Leader, from Genpact, TrustCon Visionary Sponsor. 

In addition to addressing emerging trust and safety issues, TrustCon will also focus on the professionals themselves. The safety and well-being of professionals who do this work will also be front and center, with a morning plenary fireside chat with Yoel Roth, who’ll discuss the risks today’s T&S professionals face and what we can do to prepare for them. “We are committed to engaging with partners to keep the online world a better place and moving forward the trust and safety field,” said Phil Tomlinson, Divisional Vice President of Trust + Safety at TaskUs, another TrustCon Visionary Sponsor. “Central to our trust and safety approach is our unique practice of care for our teammates. We’re excited to present on many topics at TrustCon, including a session on innovative brain-based interventions for moderator well being and a case study on proactive wellness vs. reactive wellness at scale.”

Supporting TrustCon are a range of companies, including Champion Sponsors: Cinder, Concentrix, TikTok USDS, and Advocate Sponsors: ActiveFence and Wipro. Additional sponsors can be found at 

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