Meet You In SF: A Recap and Future Meet & Greets

SF April 2022 Meet & Greet image

A few weeks ago, we met some TSPA members in San Francisco at Spark Social’s double decker bus. It was a blast to see our members in a large group, face to face, for the first time! I think it was a great experience for our members as well, getting to chat with their fellow T&S colleagues without a screen. 

As we enjoyed delicious food, cold drinks, and the warm sun, small groups of attendees chatted about everything from managing law enforcement responses to comparing notes on child safety to the democracy of the internet. One of the best parts was seeing team members from a few different companies get to meet each other in person, some for the first time! So many T&S professionals joined their current teams during the pandemic (including the TSPA team!), and we loved providing a space for them to get to know each other outside of work.

We loved seeing everyone and are looking forward to doing more in-person events with the TSPA community. TSPA was founded  with the assumption that we would have many in-person events, but because of the pandemic we’ve had to move a lot of our programming offline. We’ll continue to do virtual events because we are a global community, and the ability to travel and gather in person is still a privilege. But we’re also stepping up our in-person game!

The next few meet and greet locations are still tentative, but be on the lookout for announcements for in-person meet & greets for Dublin, London, and New York City this summer. We’re also considering Seattle and LA before TrustCon in September. If we can’t schedule these meet and greets beforehand, we’ll definitely plan for something after TrustCon. And APAC, we’re not leaving you out! TSPA staff might not be able to travel to APAC before TrustCon, but we’ll try to get there afterwards, and we’re planning something localsoon. 

If any member would like to help us host a local meet up, let us know! One of the challenges of doing local meet-ups is finding local venues, but if someone local can help with that, it’ll be easier for our small team to organize a successful event for you. 

Call for Working Group Members, Advisors, and Volunteers

As we near the end of the first half of 2021, we are very excited to open up applications for working group members, advisors, and volunteers. There are so many ways you can support TSPA, provide meaningful input to our programming and activities, and be a part of our community. If you’re interested, read on!

Working Group Members

We have three working groups whose members collaborate to develop focused programs and services that benefit our members and the public. You have to be a member of TSPA to join a working group, and it’s a 6-month commitment. (If you aren’t a member yet, consider signing up to be a volunteer.)

  • Join the T&S Curriculum group if you’d like to leverage your T&S expertise to build out an accessible core curriculum that demystifies the practice, and gives a leg up to new and aspiring professionals.
  • If you’re deeply invested in the health and wellbeing of our community, consider applying to support the Wellness & Resilience group, which is responsible for collecting and creating wellness and resilience resources.
  • Interested in how TSPA can present all its resources in an accessible and welcoming way to support on-demand, self-guided learning for our community? The Resource Development group is where you can bring your organizational skills to bear on a future resource library that furthers public knowledge.

Sound fun? Apply to be a working group member.

TSPA Advisors

Our advisors help us gain deeper insight into current and emerging trends and concerns in trust and safety; they provide expert information on particular subjects, and often work alongside our members within our working groups and on special initiatives. We are looking for advisors who can provide broad and diverse perspectives from across the entire field of online trust and safety. If you’re interested, or if you know someone who would be a great advisor for TSPA, contact us and we can send you an application packet. Meanwhile, you can check out our current advisors on our Team Page


Another opportunity to join our community (and support TSPA) is as a volunteer. We are always looking for help on a variety of things, so if you’ve got skills, we would like to talk to you! Time commitment will vary depending on the project, and we’ll match a volunteer opportunity to your interest areas. Sign up through this form, and we’ll get in touch. 


Get in touch with us.