Trust and safety professional experience

Content Moderator Startle Response: A Qualitative Study

Timir Bharucha, Miriah E. Steiger, Rainer Mere, and Priyanka Manchanda | 2022Type: Conference proceeding

Prior research on content moderators has failed to explore moderators' initial reactions to content from the start of employment through tenure as the subjection to material and habituation increases. This qualitative study takes an in-depth look at moderators' experiences from recruiting, through training, and production to better understand the content moderators' startle response and factors that enable startle habituation.

Open Source Survey

Github Open Data Project | 2017Type: Report | Website

In collaboration with researchers from academia, industry, and the community, GitHub designed a survey to gather high quality and novel data on open source software development practices and communities.

Safety Net Project: Resources

The National Network to End Domestic Violence | 2022Type: Website

The Safety Net Project develops resources and information on the use of technology for agencies and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and trafficking.