Policy topics

Resources about policy topics range from books to journal articles to examples to reports to websites–all in service of providing background information about a range of policy topics, including but not limited to: ad brands safety, hate speech, extremism, harassment, child exploitation, platform manipulation, mis/disinformation, state actors, adult content, and intellectual property.

Tech Coalition Industry Classification System

Tech Coalition | 2023

A voluntary and open source image classification system adopted by members of the Tech Coalition that is used by many electronic service providers to categorize images and videos that depict apparent child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Trust: Voluntary Framework for Industry Transparency

Tech Coalition | 2023Type: Report

Trust: Voluntary Framework for Industry Transparency (the Framework) was developed by the Tech Coalition to provide principles-based guidance to tech companies seeking to build trust around their efforts to address online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) risks on their services. The Framework outlines principles that provide a general basis for considering how to approach transparency reporting and recommended report categories.

Online Extremism and Terrorism Researchers’ Security, Safety, and Resilience: Findings from the Field

Pearson, E., Whittaker, J., Baaken, T., Zeiger, S., Atamuradova, F. and Conway, M. | 2023Type: Report

VOX-Pol's new report presents findings from the REASSURE (Researcher, Security, Safety, and Resilience) project's in-depth interviews with 39 online extremism and terrorism researchers. Based at universities, research institutes, and think tanks in Europe and North America, the interviewees studied mainly, albeit not exclusively, far-right and violent jihadist online activity. The report catalogues for the first time the range of harms they have experienced, the lack of formalised systems of care or training, and their reliance therefore on informal support networks to mitigate those harms.

Responding to and Preventing Doxing: A TSPA Resource

TSPA | 2022

Due to the nature of trust and safety work, T&S professionals face an increased risk of harassment, stalking, and other forms of online and/or physical harm if their personal or private identifying information is exposed to the public. The community at TSPA developed this guide as a resource for T&S professionals, but we are releasing a public version for anyone who might find it helpful.