Online governance

This section is devoted to resources related to online governance, including examples of community guidelines and ad policies, related academic studies, recommendations from civil society organizations, and tools and reports focussed on government policy and regulations.

Tech Coalition Industry Classification System

Tech Coalition | 2023

A voluntary and open source image classification system adopted by members of the Tech Coalition that is used by many electronic service providers to categorize images and videos that depict apparent child sexual abuse and exploitation.

TRUST: Transparency Reporting Template

Tech Coalition | 2023Type: Website

This template has been created to help you get started on your company’s first CSEA transparency report. It aligns with TRUST: Voluntary Framework for Industry Transparency. The template provides suggestions and guidance for the three major sections of a report: Policies and Practices, Processes and Systems, and Outcomes. For additional information on transparency reporting best practices, please see the Tech Coalition’s Trust Framework - Transparency Reporting Implementation Guide.

TRUST: Transparency Reporting Implementation Guide

Tech Coalition | 2023Type: Report

The Tech Coalition’s Trust: Voluntary Framework for Industry Transparency (the Framework) provides principles- based guidance to tech companies seeking to build trust around their efforts to address online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) risks on their services. This guide serves to aid industry in implementing the Framework and moving toward better alignment in transparency reporting.