Technical Director, Trust & Safety

  • Individual Contributor
  • San Mateo, CA, US

Website roblox Roblox

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As a Technical Director, Safety, you’ll be a leader of the technical and product vision for safety and civility across a platform with over 50 million daily users. Our missions are to protect against real and potential abuses on the platform while also working to promote the positive behaviors that make Roblox such an incredible community. As builders, we need to consider the positive and negative externalities of all features and as a technical director you will help us design the philosophies, processes and technologies to support the entire company. With nearly a majority of all adolescents in the US and growing around the world, we have a responsibility to protect our users and a huge opportunity to make Roblox the most positive experience they have online.

You Will:
  • Become an expert across one of the more technical products today. At the necessary level understanding: diverse distributed systems, game and rendering engines, our own global data centers, massive data analysis, ML classifiers and much more.
  • Defy boundaries to advocate for and provide solutions that live in organizational blind spots. Thoughtfully respecting your coworkers while helping us discover insights alluding us.
  • Raise the bar for the team by writing elegant code to bring polished products having measurable impact. All delivered in the time most teams are still discussing the color of the bike shed.
You Are:
  • A cultured technologist. You are an expert in many programming languages and the rest rhyme. You have experience across stacks and balance personal opinions with healthy respect for what’s worked. When you encounter something novel you are excited to learn something new.
  • Relevant languages C++, C#, Go, Python, and Javascript/TypeScript
  • A world class problem solver. Whether found in a green field or a time crunch, you are a magician at finding creative paths from uncertainty to solution leaning on your vast toolbox of technologies.
  • Familiar systems Basic ML modeling, big data stack, high throughput APIs, UI/UX, databases
  • A deep product thinker. You have the emotional dexterity to view the product through the lenses of all customers and partners. Balancing near term success with long-term vision and being aware of how even the smallest feature fits into a platform.
  • Career experience shipping incredible products to your users that led growth over a decade or more.
  • An inspiration mentor. You walk through walls to have an impact and delight our users. Interns to managers alike turn to you for career guidance on how to maximize their own positive impact on our product.
  • History as a tech lead, product lead or maybe even manager which gives you a well rounded view of how to bring out the best in your coworkers.

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