That Escalated Quickly: What It’s Like to Work in Trust & Safety – December Conversation

Image of two people sitting at a table with "That Escalated Quickly" to the left.


  • December 16, 2022 9:00 am – 9:45 am (PDT)



Hosted by TSPA

Trust and Safety is a vast field, with various functions and responsibilities. A T&S professional could be moderating content, writing policy, building products, responding to government requests, measuring quality assurance, and doing so much more. Those who work in T&S also come from diverse backgrounds.

In this series, TSPA brings to you fireside chats with TSPA members about their careers. We’ll explore the diversity and breadth of those doing this work. We’ll talk about what they do, how they got into trust and safety, and what advice they would give to those wanting to do the same thing they do.

December host and guest: Pia Shah & Fadzai Madzingira

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