European Trust & Safety Forum

  • April 4, 2023 – April 6, 2023 (CET)


Lille, France

Hosted by International Cybersecurity Forum

The Trust & Safety Forum (T&SF) offers a cohesive space open to all stakeholders, from platforms to regulators, inclusive of trusted flaggers and solutions providers, committed to a trusted and safer digital environment today and for the future. The T&SF offers a place and time to connect with different stakeholders to discuss and advance collaborative initiatives, develop innovative processes and solutions ensuring that digital environment remains a place to share knowledge, to build communities, to develop opportunities and empower people. 

Trust & Safety thrives to become a standard discipline within the broad family of security, but it should not be siloed. Trust & Safety is about identifying and treating harmful and illegal content, but also about inappropriate and biased content (“fake news”), cyber threats (phishing and other types of abuse) and fraud (payment fraud, ID theft etc.). Most of these dimensions have been dealt with within FIC, the International Cybersecurity Conference, in the last fifteen years. The T&SF is a new and necessary component in its own right, and a contributor to the security community.

Trust & Safety is a global problem which requires global initiatives, but the solutions are equally and essentially rooted in local ecosystems. This is why the T&SF is associated with FIC, a conference which attracts national cybersecurity ecosystems, because Trust & Safety is about synergies across disciplines.

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