Founding Corporate Supporter Benefits

Founding Corporate Supporters receive the following benefits*:

Year-round recognition for their prominent and public leadership role in shaping the professionalization of trust and safety:

  • “Founding Corporate Supporter” call outs in all public launch and other published material
  • Listing on the Trust & Safety Professional Association website
  • Social media recognition through TSPA accounts
  • Opportunity to publish blogs and contribute best-practice resources
  • Speaking opportunity at conferences and events

Facilitated information-sharing across the industry on timely topics (i.e. election security, online disinformation, terrorist content, identifying coded hate speech and imagery, etc.) and shaping institutionalized industry dialogue 

Access to all TSPA programs and materials including:

  • 5-10 year-round webinars, meetups, panel discussions, workshops, and networking events
  • Complimentary passes to annual TSPA conference(s)**
  • Permission to view members-only publications, whitepapers, and case studies

Direct input and early access in prioritizing and developing topics/themes for events and other materials including webinars, meetups, panel discussions, workshops, publications, and networking events.

A source of highly qualified trust and safety talent that can be recruited through unlimited job posts on the TSPA job board.

Growth and retention of current talent through specialized professional development programs:

  • Trust & Safety Bootcamp and related career trainings (i.e. SQL workshop)
  • Management resources (i.e. Protecting your team in online and offline environment for front line employees, When, why, and how to outsource moderation)

Direct access to the TSPA board of directors and ED for advice, feedback, or as speakers at company or team events***

* Signed agreements by TSPA and founding corporate supporters supersede this page describing “Founding Corporate Supporter Benefits”
**Discounted pricing for those outside of founding corporate supporter’s trust and safety team
***Limited to two events per-year