TSPA Slack Channel Host Form

If you're interested in becoming a channel host, please submit your information below.  



  1. What is a host? A channel host is a person who helps prompt and guide discussion and engagement within TSPA's Slack Community. An ideal host has fun coming up with discussion prompts, naturally identifies relevant news or articles to share, and has expertise or interest in the channel topic.
  2. What are my responsibilities? 
    1. Engage the community with semi-frequent posts or prompts
    2. Help encourage discussion by engaging in other's posts 
    3. Welcome new channel members
    4. Post appropriate questions from channel members who prefer to remain anonymous
    5. Flag any potential code of conduct violations to staff 
  3. Am I responsible for mentorship? No. While you likely have expertise in this space, you are not responsible for mentoring channel members. Instead, your role is enable other channel members to feel comfortable participating. 
  4. Will I be the only host of this channel? You may be the only host at first, but we are likely to add more than one host as we scale.
  5. Am I responsible for enforcing TSPA's Code of Conduct? We ask channel hosts to encourage healthy participation by choosing appropriate prompts/posts, and flag any potential violations of the code of conduct to a staff member where needed. You will not be tasked with enforcing code of conduct violations.

    Please Note: Hosting is an opportunity to foster an inclusive and diverse TSPA Community, rather than advance a particular viewpoint. It is important to create a space where all voices are valued and heard without any intention to steer participants towards a specific direction, product, service, or action. 
Slack Channel Hosts

To suggest a new Slack channel, please submit a suggestion here. There's a place in this form to indicate you would like to host the channel.